ladies and gentleman, Nolan Sells….

“i don’t believe that anyone who questions God or Christianity is an apostate or doing the work of Satan. if Jesus intended for right-thinking to be the path to heaven then He wouldn’t have spoken in parables. the basic principles of Christianity are obvious because Jesus made them obvious–everything else is available for interpretation.

what frustrates me in all this is the idea that Christians feel that it is necessary to call out other Christians when they have any disagreements, even over the most trivial of points. it is as if they have to try to prove Christ wrong when He says “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” i see this “controversy” as the foot in the body of Christ calling out the hand for having a different function. so what if rob bell is a universalist? so what if the pastor in the video from whatever church isn’t? it doesn’t matter.

it will not be our ability to provide answers to the tough questions of life or to provide sound theological reasoning that will set us apart as followers of Christ but our unity. the only way to have unity is to love each other despite and because of our differences, which is basically as Christ loves us.

love does win.”

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