the need for speed.

i’ve watched this movie in every format possible.  from my ratty old VH tape, recorded from the tv.  to my dad’s living room, cranking up the surround sound so i could drown in jet wash.  i even flew solo and went to see it at the IMA’s summer night movies a couple summers ago, singing and quoting the movie along with my peers.

but 3D IMAX was by far the best experience i’ve ever had watching Top Gun.

from the beginning, you’re thrust into this film where everything is intensified by both the 3D effects and the size of the IMAX screen.  you feel like you’re in the cock-pit, swirling through space.  you’re so close to Tom Cruise you can reach out and touch his sweat-beaded forehead.  the laughs are more intense, as you feel strangely awkward during the larger than life sex-scene, and the tears readily available when ole’ Goose smashes into the canopy and falls, limp-bodied, down to sea.

initially, i was expecting to see a crisp, cleaned-up rendition of my 80’s classic, but was pleasantly surprised to see the grainy film of my youth.  it felt strangely like home, like somethings will always stay the same no matter what else changes.

and on the way out, i couldn’t resist this:



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