weekday vegetarian.

there is something extremely gratifying about making dinner from scratch.

even after a long day.  even though there were a ton of veggies to cut.  even though it needed to boil and simmer and saute until it was almost 8p before we actually ate it.

even then.

a friend of ours recently explained how he was trying to be a “weekday vegetarian.”  his reasoning was simple: he loved meat, but he recognized a drastic difference in his body when he didn’t eat it.  he felt lighter, healthier.  so he made a compromise.  eat a vegetarian-based diet throughout the week, and indulge in some meat dishes on the weekends.

after giving this considerable thought, i decided to try it for myself.  i actually eat a lot of veggies as it is, but i tend to fall back on meat dishes when i’m tired/home late from work/lazy, etc.  a strictly vegetarian diet takes so much more intention on my behalf.  i have to actually think through each day, each meal, and what i will be making, and what i will be picking up at the market.

fortunately, there are some resources out there that make it easier.  Sonja and Alex Overhiser, of a couple cooks, are one such resource.  i was recently introduced to their blog, a collection of recipes from their kitchen, and i honestly can’t believe i ever did without.

my first experimentation, lentil and butternut squash soup with chard, was amazing enough to please even my skeptical boyfriend.  the majority of the ingredients were actually available at the winter farmer’s market and, on the recommendation of a friend, i substituted kale for the chard.  the result was pure deliciousness.  the primary veggies, squash and corn, created a sweetness while the oregano and thyme resulted in a savory delight.

this was not the only recipe that caught my eye.  in fact, the whole blog about made me drool off my chair, but my next attempt at awesomeness will be the sweet potato and red onion galette.  here’s to a more delicious level of food creation!

and to vegetarianism being tastier than expected.


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