it has been a rocky season for blog-writing.  many of you have noticed the extended periods of time between entries.  to those of you who’ve checked up on me or sent encouraging notes about my writing, i thank you.  it has not been for a lack of ideas that i’ve stayed away; what i’m going to share next is constantly on my mind.  instead, i find i have been lacking a sense of direction.

my relationship with my blog has probably been the longest and consistent relationship i’ve had in my adult life.  i started my first blog when i was just 21 and a junior in college.  you can read it here.  my early writings there are angsty, sometimes bitter or obscene as i struggled to find myself and convey the feels so prevalent in my early to mid-twenties.  feelings of frustration as i forged my identity and wrestled with the values placed on me.  i will warn you, if you are familiar with only my work here, you may find you don’t recognize me.

eventually, i wanted my writing to mature so i moved to a wordpress format, where i felt i could refine my online presence and adjust the content of my work to reflect the deeper nature of my ponderings.  i named it “living is a process” because i deeply needed those around me, and myself, to understand that life is one great journey, one continual undergoing of change and growth.  the nature of such a life demands great grace, hence the tagline “so please be patient with me.”

in that spirit, i find myself in the midst of another great change.  this has happened with the opportunity for a new job, the advent of a beautiful new relationship, the possibility for a healthier living situation, and is now manifesting itself with my writing.  writing has always been on the place and, as i mentioned before, it always comes back to my blog.  i got to the point in the midst of my recent transition when the old way of doing the blog stopped fitting.  i’ve been wrestling ever since with how to proceed.  i couldn’t give it up, not after so many confirmations that my writing is adding something to the world.  still, i couldn’t figure out what that should look like.

one day over lunch, my sister shared her motivation for running.  she explained that each time she ran, she would fill in the blank to the the statement, “I run to __________.”  some examples included, “I run to clear my mind” or “I run for my health.”  as the bloggie that i am, i thought, what a great blog!  maybe i’ll start it!  of course, my original blog baby began to cry in the background…what about me?  it moaned.  remember me?  your first love?

the thing is, tho, i couldn’t stop remembering it.  it ate at me that i wasn’t posting on my blog, that my brain seemed to be exploding with ideas to share and wrestlings to present, but i wasn’t sure how to move forward.  then it hit me…instead of creating a new blog for specific areas i’d like to write about, i could create “segments” to write to.  segments would give me direction, give my blog some form and function and, eventually, lead to more readership.  my goal is to write three times per week and then pick one entry to expand into a chapter length piece.  eventually, i’d love for this project to give birth to a book.

here is just a rough idea of what i’d like those segments to be:

I Run To….
(yes, i’m copying this idea from my sis.)  i have learned so much from running in the past, about myself and life and more.  this segment will focus on those things as well as training advice, races, and more.

On My Bookshelf
if you’re like me, you tend to get your reading suggestions from others.  On My Bookshelf will be a book review of sorts and will feature answers to standardized interview questions about whatever i’m reading at the time.  there will be no limit to the genre or type of book i’m reading, ranging from cookbooks to fictional pieces to gardening manuals.

one of the most important paths i’m exploring (and constantly learning about) is health, in every facet of the word.  from exploring how my body works to what foods are good for digestion to understanding the need to keep my emotional and mental self free from toxic stresses, health is incredibly important to me.  i’m naming this segment “Healthy/Wealthy/Wise” after an old adage my mom used to say that goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  this segment will explore those ideas and principles i’m learning that i believe are increasing health and leading ultimately to a richer and wiser life.

of course, my writing and blogging will not be restricted to these topics; you will still be able to find stories and insights into everyday situations.  thank you for your support of my writing!  it is truly a treasure to know that honesty in my journey helps others along in theirs.



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