i am in love.

i am in love, and not ashamed to admit it.  when i see his face, i realize what it means to love someone more and more each day.  in fact, i never knew i could love another human being like i love him.

he is my nephew, Cohen.  a beautiful bundle of almost-three-year-old boy.  intelligent, loving, adorable.  already learning to question the way things work, his little brow scrunched up as he asks “why?” and struggles to understand.

sometimes, he is shy….

sometimes he likes to take (pretend) pictures of himself with his (pretend) camera…

all the time, he is amazing.


One thought on “i am in love.

  1. That’s brilliant! He’s cute… he reminds me a little of my James. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. I don’t think I honestly knew what unconditional love was until my son was born. He’s my emotional anchor when things are rough. I say “c’mere James!” and he’ll come and give me a big hug. Nothing better than free hugs from your son 😀

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