the nanny diaries.

about 2 mos. ago i met her. baby G.  a round little ball of four-month-old.  she smiled at me.  i smiled back.  i was hired.

despite the first impression of joy, baby G. and i had a rough next three weeks or so.  she cried.  i felt like crying.  i went home frustrated.

and then it happened, without much fanfare…we started to like each other.  now, as baby G. sits on the edge of turning 7 mos, we actually enjoy our time together.  we know each other’s rhythms and, for the most part, i know what she needs/wants when she starts to fuss.  it’s really kinda beautiful.

so, on that note, here are the things i’ve learned being a pseudo-mom 2x’s/week:

baby toys are valued off the following characteristics:
does it make noise/sing songs?
does it light up?
can it clear said baby’s mouth?
remember this when buying gifts.

babies spit up on everything…EVERYTHING.  dress accordingly, and have the carpets regularly cleaned.

texting while holding a sleeping baby is quite tricky, but can be done.

expect to be used as a teething ring…fingers, shoulders, arms, knuckles…whatever gets close to the babe’s mouth.

baby bites can HURT.  never underestimate toothless gums.

smiles, grins, little giggles, chatter…even in small doses, they make all of the above worth it.


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