if i could…

today, i’m feeling quite powerless.  sometimes it helps me in these times to dream a little.  here is my list of things i would do, if i could:

…i would settle down in a place long enough to plant a small vegetable garden.  then i would lay flat, my cheek to the ground, and watch as the little green leaves popped up through the brown dirt.

…i would wrap my arms around a friend who’s struggling, and the doing so would infuse them with all the love that is out there for them.  the love would heal and transform their wounds into beautiful scars.

…i would sit in this coffee shop for the remainder of the afternoon, alternately reading and writing, while drinking so much chai my belly ached with goodness.


2 thoughts on “if i could…

  1. That sounds good 🙂 I’ve been yearning to take some time off and just go someplace, but my personal situation right now won’t allow it. Plus, I’d hate to come back again! (I’d only come back for my son.)

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