back in the saddle.

i rode a bike today for the first time since the accident.

when i explained to my good friend, Sara, that i was gonna have to wait for some extra cash before i could put another bike on the road, she invited me over and put a bike in my car.  it needed air in the tires and it’s heavy as all get out, but it has wheels.  when i sit on it, it holds me up.  when i pedal, it takes me places.

19 days post-accident found me riding to Tex-Mex.

it wasn’t at all how i expected.
i won’t lie, i tensed up when a car got too close to me, or came at me from a certain angle.  i was hyper aware of stop signs and signaling my turns and my place in the flow of travel.

there was something else there, too, and i can only identify it as peace.
i took my time, i enjoyed the scenery.  i didn’t rush to get there or home; i just pedaled.
i breathed the air.

i wasn’t scared.

i think deep down, i’m just so appreciative of, well, so many things: being alive.  having the opportunity to ride (after feeling like it might take forever).  breathing deeply.


so, i’m back in the saddle, on my temporary ride,
and it feels damn good.


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