simple things.

there are beautiful things in this life.  simple, but profound.

usually, we get just a glimmer of them, a taste before they are washed away.  we see a sun setting, the sky oranges and blues and purples, and try to make it stay.  to hold onto it as its slips down beyond the horizon.  we feel the brushing kiss of a lover as they say good-bye, and try to recall the touch for hours after until it is a memory, only in our mind.  we hear the birds chirping in the morning and smile before going about our day.

simple, little pieces of life we have to work to distill out of the grit and gray around us.

sometimes, though, we get an extra blessing.  events line up in just the right way and we are able to experience these pleasures back -to-back, even overlapping.  today was one such morning for me.

i made a simple lemon tea and headed to yoga.  our teacher moved us through a series of poses and motions that were meant to energize.  i left feeling clear-headed, strong, and sweaty.

a colder shower continued the feeling of clarity and energy (i read in an Ayurvedic practice book that cold showers are good for my constipation because they open the blood vessels and facilitate detoxing; i’ve been attempting them ever since).

then i headed to the market, confidence exuding from my every pore, even as i shared with someone about my accident; this was a nice first.  picked up a strawberry and mint plant, as well as eggs and greens and brussel sprouts.  excitement brewed for the plants i could grow this spring and my spirit felt revived by the people interactions–both firsts for this crazy season i’ve been in.

i strolled back to the car, my hands and arms full of good food and coffee, the sun warming my skin to perfection.

then came another doozy of a pleasure–a veggie crepe and Intelligentsia coffee.  as my tastebuds danced and my stomach rejoiced, i couldn’t help but reflect on this series of events and note how blessed of a human bean i am.


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