in the wee last minutes of the morning, just over an hour before games officially start, i’m making out my last bracket for the NCAA tournament.

that’s right…75 degrees is here.  trees blooming is here.  summer has skipped spring in line, and it is here.  but most importantly today means…

March Madness is here!

now, truth be told, i talk a big game when it comes to college hoops, but i haven’t really kept up on them since college.  i smile and nod, and fiercely defend my Hoosier heritage (go IU!), but i don’t really know much about who i’m picking.  that’s when my training as a kid comes into play, and it gets dangerous.

my dad bleeds crimson, and ironically, his skin is very creamy…but you get the analogy.  he’s a hardcore IU fan.  he had rules about being an IU fan, who you could cheer for and who you couldn’t .  for example, you could cheer for IU and anyone playing Purdue.  you could NEVER cheer for University of Michigan or University of Kentucky; it didn’t matter how much we disliked Purdue, we hated them worse.  Purdue was more like the little brother you didn’t get along with; you squabble here and there and that’s the end of it.  But those other teams were like the bullies on the playground, and if they messed with the little brother, they got the fist.

second to his loyalty to the Hoosiers, was his loyalty to the Big Ten.  this is what always makes bracket choosing so hard for me…i believe so much in all the members of the Big Ten that they always come out in the Final Four (i even have Michigan St. vs. Ohio St. in one of the final games), and, let’s be honest, that’s just not realistic.

but realistic or not, this is my method.  here’s hoping they prove me right for once.

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