new traditions.

one of the things we do really well at the Big Table is birthdays.  we may suck at keeping up on the chore chart, getting the trash (or dead mice!) out in a timely manner, or email communication.  but we do a great job with birthdays.

one thing i started when we celebrated our first birthday in the fall of 2010, was the “questions.”  the questions are simple (what was your greatest challenge?  greatest joy? what are you looking forward to in the coming year), but a great place for the birthday boy/girl to reflect on the year and share what they’re most looking forward to.   i later added the opportunity to go around the room and give each person to share something about that person (a way they’ve grown or something they appreciate) and/or a blessing for the coming year.  it has become such an important part of our celebration that we’ve begun to record each other’s answers.

we have already started our second round of birthdays with each other, and it has been incredible special to compare this year’s answers to last’s, to see how we’ve grown and changed, to chart our lives in this way.

we’ve recently had a string of birthdays, with two in February and one in the beginning of March.

the first, Teddy’s:

Present from all of us: bacon of the month club.

Birthday desserts = strawberry cheesecake, complete with dinosaur and ballerina figurines.

Next: Sweet Baby Ray.  with each person, we try to have a meal and dessert that’s unique to their likes.  for Ray, we went to her fav Mexican hot-spot, La Parada, and came back for brownies and ice cream.

and then, our Kari.  for her, Kel made an incredible homemade lasagna and then we had brownies.  of course.

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