sweet Sabbath.

since discussions began about the gallery last summer, Mondays have become my self-prescribed Sabbath.  i knew then that if i was spending my weekends with the gallery, i would need a day off.  i was right.  this morning i woke with no other agenda than to do whatever i wanted.  a beautiful plan, and one we need to give ourselves the freedom to do every now and then.

here are some ways i’m coloring in my day:

long, COLD, run this am, complete with a stop in the middle to visit Angela

breakfast then a nap.  yes, a nap at 10:30 am.

chat with my dad about everything and nothing, which is what makes our conversations so special–the fact that one minute i’m sharing the depths of my heart, the next we’re talking about falcons nesting downtown and maple syrup festivals.

currently engaging my taste buds with a hot Americano and a sweet coffee cake.  my body/mind are in all-out rebellion with the sudden drop in temps and presence of snow; i have to do whatever it takes to keep them calm.

looking forward to a birthday dinner for one of the members of our community tonight, and catching up over drinks with a friend from college.

some other Sabbath day observations:

i am blown-away by the generosity of my old boss, who handed me a gift card to say thanks for all my hard work and still wants to give me an employee discount.

i am feeling a tingling-in-the-toes kind of alive lately.  fresh hope seems around every corner as i continue to dream of new adventures.

wearing headphones in a public place is a kind of heaven.  it is like living life in a movie soundtrack, where you don’t have to hear the nitty-gritty details of a scene.  you see it through the lens of the song you’re listening.  makes reality more doable sometimes.

i am currently rockin’ skinny jeans (my first real pair!) and enjoying my overflowing mane of curls.  anyone who knows me, knows i rarely say i love my hair.

this day is just what i needed.



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