day 10. thank you, come again.

the house is quiet.
the Superbowl visitors have packed up their things and headed on.
my day has nothing to do with the Superbowl in any way.
i am heading into what i termed “Superbowl hangover”–that state of its-all-over-and-i-packed-way-too-much-into-10-days-so-i’m-exhausted-don’t-touch-me.

day 10 was fantastic.
the first day all week i didn’t have to work in some capacity.  my only plan was to go to church and see the Turf exhibit.  other than that, my day was fluid.  my sis and some friends from out of town were able to snag a table at BW3’s downtown, which was incredible considering most bars were charging covers and already at capacity.  i joined them for lunch and a little Superbowl energy, then headed to Turf with a friend.

it was an incredible collection of pieces–some i understood, some i didn’t.  one made me feel incredibly uneasy, one incredibly happy.  overall i was just so proud to have a city that would take on such a project.

after Turf it was off to a friend’s apartment downtown for a little pre-game action (and a nap!), then to the Big House to watch the game with friends.

our living room was full, with food and beer flowing, and laughter and intense hatred of the Patriots.  it was beautiful.

i sat in the midst of it, feeling very fortunate to be living the life i’m in.

after the party, whether from a combination of forces or emotions being raw or whatever, things went sour quickly.  i won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say it put such a bad taste in my mouth that it will make dealing with the post-Superbowl-hangover that much easier to deal with.

this now concludes our special broadcasting; you will be returned to regular programming shortly (ie. thanks for hanging on through all my SB writings; i’ll write something deep next time.)


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