days 5 & 6: good day(s) sunshine!

i’m not sure what dimension we’ve entered, but there have now been two consecutive 60 degree days.  in January/February.  in Indiana.  as i told several customers yesterday, this was the weather i experienced when i worked in Oakland, CA in the summer.  get that?  California, in the summer.  crazy.

not that i’m complaining.  i love this weather.  people out walking the streets, living life, smiling in the sun.  there seems to be a mood of happiness, an extra element of excitement brewing.

the majority of day 5 was spent behind the counter of the coffee shop, greeting customers-both residents and visitors alike, hearing about their days, what they’ve seen downtown (including Jimmy Fallon doing the zipline), etc.  even though the day went on for 11 hours, i felt strangely energized and ready to be amidst the crowds.

a buddy and i headed downtown on bikes after my shift, stopping first at his friend’s apartment in the old Harness Factory building, which literally sits right on the corner of Penn and Virginia, just in front of the entertainment stage we would later watch Fuel on.  he hooked us up with several cans of PBR and we went back into the sea of celebration.

we watched the Hunter Smith Band (or part of it anyway), made our way to the ESPN stage for “Deportes,” their Spanish broadcast, and then back to the apartment for bathrooms and more beers.  after watching Fuel for a brief period, we evaded a resident lockdown by security by sneaking around the back door and up a different elevator, and back to the apartment to listen to music and hang out.

great night, and unlike any other i’ve experienced so far with the SB, but i was definitely out wayyyy later than i should have been, which leads to…

day 6.  exhausted.  up early (too early) to hang art for Friday’s opening exhibit.  there until 1:30p, off to Broad Ripple to run a time-sensitive errand (windows down baby!), 10 minute crash-style-nap on the couch, then off to the coffee shop to work the evening shift.  day 6 will likely be the day i take a break from the SB madness to rest and recoup.  days 7 & 8 will see long hours on the Yelp shuttle, a First Friday exhibit opening and then day 9 will mean a long day in the gallery.  holding my breath for day 10: the big game.  a day i can actually nap, or ride my bike wherever/whenever, or just eat.  day 10 is where it’s at.


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