day 4. all up in the Yelp lounge.

day 4 of Superbowl festivities begins day 1 of crazy working for the event.

one of those crazy work avenues is Yelp, an online review site for local businesses and services, with reviews written by local people.  in general, i get to work events for them, hanging out with cool people, or spend time marketing, or whatever else (Yelp) Jon asks me to do.

today, he asked for help putting together a Yelp-splattered lounge in the basement of the City Market.  i had some time so i headed over.  our goal, should we choose to accept it, was to turn a stairwell with a floor of earth and rocks and plywood boards, into a hip little spot complete with Bloody Mary and beer bars, tv and couches, and a green space for corn hole.

it was a process, to say the least….

Humble beginnings...

Yep, I'm using hand-help paper fans to wallpaper the wall.

Jon lost the batteries to the air machine, so he had to plug it into the car and air-up the couches outside.

Not quite there, but darn close. and yes, we used stickers to cover the floor...

so, as you can see, lots going on there.  if you’re interested in hanging out with us, come on down to the basement in the left/west wing!

afterward, i tried to hit up Turf, but they are closed on Mondays.  maybe next time…


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