day 3: “have a Super day!”

my sis and i planned to go downtown after church.  so we bundled up, walked the mile downtown, and sank blissfully into Superbowl mania.  there were only two items on our agenda: hit up The Huddle and record a video at these awesome kiosks in Superbowl Village.

stop 1: The Huddle.  an empty Nordstrom video transformed into a giant lounge area on the bottom floor and NFL store on the second.  Superbowl committee members stand at the base of the escalator, pointing to a phone-charging station for iPhones and telling you watch your step.  at the top they give you high fives and eagerly say “have a Super day!”  you can’t help but feel loved and appreciated, even if there are thousands and thousands of you.

we found these cardboard cut-outs and i couldn’t help but snap this photo:

That offense has got nothin' on me. . .

after some friendly banter with a sales associate, another high five, a “have a Super day,” we headed back out onto the street and into madness.

as we walked i went over and over again the rap i made up (or rather, modified) for the video kiosk.  to check out our little diddy, click here (you won’t regret it).

we decided to just wander after that, watching the zipliners, checking out a dog and frisbee show, then making our way to the JW to check out the LARGEST window cling i’ve ever seen.

Pretty breathtaking really....

being quite frigid, we decided it might be nice to get a cup of coffee.  i searched my Yelp app for an independent, but no luck.  then we stumbled on Circle City Coffee, a fairly recent addition to the Food Truck scene.

Yes please.

americano and a cinnamon donut on the monument steps.  wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Kiss me and get double the sweetness....


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