day 2.

My friend, Janelle, and I. I joke that I wear the Colts hat to remind Pats fans of who's turf they're on.

this morning, after a failed attempt to set up the Yelp lounge, a few friends and i grabbed breakfast in the City Market and a seat near the windows.  together, we remarked on how sweet it was to be sitting in heart of everything, having a simple breakfast, sharing life.

from there, i headed to the gallery.  it was a great afternoon, but i was aching to be a part of the Superbowl action.  it was as if i could hear the voices calling to me from just a mile away.  at closing time, i headed to a friend’s and we  walked from her town home in Fletcher Place to join the fun downtown.

we didn’t go with much of an agenda, just wandered a bit, taking in all the sites and sounds.  people were everywhere and we couldn’t help but note how much crazier it will be when fans start arriving.  this was truly the pre-party for Indianapolis peeps.  once the fans arrive, it’s going to be madness.

here are just a few fun things we came across:

Georgia St, aka Superbowl Village

Human hamster wheels. Naturally.

Me with the mini SB roman numerals. I may have had to beat down some teenagers to snag this pic. I may also be a bit of an exaggerator.

And this doozy. I just wonder if anyone will take them on it.

we capped our night off with a trip to B-Dubs, where the room spontaneously burst into song when “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys came on the radio.  we indulged in a beer and some wings, and talked about life.

as we headed out the door, bracing ourselves for the wind and the walk home, we couldn’t help but remark on how happy we are to live so close to downtown.  there was no pressure to “see it all” tonight, or stay and do everything, because we didn’t pay to park or drive 1/2 an hour to get there.  we can just walk back tomorrow.

city living has never felt more rewarding.


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