day 1.

i wasn’t really anticipating that i’d blog about the Super Bowl, but it seems too incredible not to talk about.

i had a meeting at 10a and then decided i would ride up to the City Market (less than a mile from my meeting place) and grab lunch.  i had a little bit of time to burn before my next commitment, so i headed to the Circle.  just south of there, on Meridian, they had the race cars parked.  i couldn’t resist:

the streets were crowded with people pushing strollers and taking pictures, bumping into each other and smiling as they apologized, asking directions or laughing together.  strangers.  becoming friends.

everyone has their unique perspective on what it means for our city to be hosting the Superbowl.  some are irritated at the money it took to build this stadium while our neighborhoods and schools are struggling.  others just want to avoid the crowds and wish parking wasn’t $45/day to get to work.

but no matter how anyone feels, there is an undeniable energy that is blowing like a fresh wind through the streets.

at the gallery, i stumbled across this post by a an awesome guy here in the city, Neal Tafflinger.  the documentary on his blog is incredible.  titled, Nap Town to Super City, it gives such great insight into how much transformation our city has gone through in the last 40 years, and especially, how we got to be a Super Bowl city.

tomorrow’s agenda includes setting up a Yelp! lounge in the City Market, then heading to the gallery for the day.  if i can find enough interested peeps, i’ll head downtown  for the evening and check out a concert or just people watch.  i’ll try to keep my phone charged so i can share pics.


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