the calm before.

the Superbowl is happening in my city, and i live a mile from the madness….eh hem, i mean “fun.”

after working a Yelp event tonight at Sun King, an awesome local brewery, i decided to take a turn around Monument Circle to see everything first hand.  tomorrow starts the events, so i’ve been hearing about the road closings and tents being erected (pun intended) for the Playboy bunnies.

as i rode, the streets were quiet yet dignified, simple yet beautiful.  this was the city i loved.  the city whose streets i knew well from the handle bars of my bike and they were completely normal, peaceful even.  still, i couldn’t help but be awestruck when i saw these bad boys:

it is right here on the doorstep yet i can’t help but dismiss it all as this surreal dream.  this is the calm before….before the mass of people, the parking madness, the zipliners, the thousands of dollars, the celebrity hysteria…the madness.

in the next few days, thousands of Patriots and Giants fans will flood this city, and i’m supposed to welcome them with open arms?!  wait, what the gag reflex i get whenever i see a Tom Brady jersey??  what then??

whatever the case, here’s to a great next 10 days!

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