i do not claim to be a yoga expert, but as my recent instructor has explained “shavasana,” or “final pose,” is the time when the body is able to process all the work that was done during the session.  in this pose, you lay flat on your back and relax as much as possible, relieving every area of tension.

today was a long/full day.  i had a fruitful/encouraging meeting regarding the gallery, a great discussion of God and life over $1 tacos, work at the coffee shop, an incredible meeting with my mentor, and a relationship re-defining convo with a friend.  after journaling all of this out, i feel a need for a shavasana, a need to be still and let my body/mind/heart process it all.  so, i am laying on the floor of my bedroom, curled up in a cozy spot beside my bed where i feel a bit like i’m in a fort, in my new sleeping bag, listening to the Chris & Thomas pandora station.

shavasana is the space where we give ourselves grace and love.  shavasana is where we remember how delicate we are as humans, where we are reminded to be delicate with ourselves.  and sometimes shavasana is when we have a sleepover on the floor and allow our inner 5-year-old to mourn.


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