goodbye. finally.

as i was sliding the cables along the hanging system, strategically placing photography pieces on the gallery wall, i had a thought back to the this time last year.  would i/could i have imagined i would be doing this in a year, i asked myself.  the clear answer: hell no.

that’s when i realized i should probably endeavor to do my year end blog posts, and finally usher in 2012.

that being said, here are the highlights from 2011.  you know…things i learned, big things that happened, etc.  so, here goes:

the year of the party
when the earthquake hit Japan, my house felt moved to have a fundraiser party.  we made sushi and invited our friends, taking cash donations to send for relief help.  Kari invited a couple of her Japanese students, who shared saki and knife-sharpening with us.  it was beautiful, and we raised over $600 that went to the Red Cross.

Memorial Day
Kel and i’s birthdays are just 8 days apart, so we decided to throw a massive join party on Memorial Day.  the day was blazing hot, so our biggest worry: how to keep the keg cold (look, we didn’t have a traditional college experience, k?  this was, in fact, the first keg we ever bought).  we had people everywhere–front porch, living room, kitchen, back yard, playing corn hole in the front yard.  i had more than my fair share of beer, and enjoyed time with my friends (who stayed well into the evening).  we had joked about the party being good, but when i woke up the next morning, G had written “EPIC” across the chalk board.

(No pics of this one…sorry!)

Mad Men/House-warming/Halloween
in Sept, one of the members of our old house had a brilliant idea.  given that we were all currently obsessed with watching Mad Men, and Halloween was coming up, we should all dress as characters.  when Kel and i moved into our own place at the end of September, we thought it would be perfect to combine that idea with a housewarming party, and thus, the (beyond) epic Mad Men party was born.  we made mixers, carried around smokes, dressed in our best versions of the characters in 50’s/60’s style garb.  to cap it all off, Kel set up a photobooth.  it was brilliant.

Our house, with Teddy as "Don."

Kel and I, the acclaimed hostesses.

Me and the boys.

New Year’s Eve
and then, of course, the party night of year.  NYE.  my friend Emily, who subsequently has the same last night (seriously, we met b/c we’re both McNabbs, and realized we actually really like each other…and we kinda look like real sisters.  it’s strange, i know), decided to throw a party.  we had snacks, yummy drinks,  played Balderdash, set-up a special photobooth (many thanks again to Kelley Jordan photography), and toasted in the New Year.  this was quickly followed by a noise-maker parade down the street and a dance party.  a sweet way to end the year.

not to mention a mix of birthday get-togethers (there were 6 of us) and other various dinner parties along the way.  when all was said and done we realized we had a huge party about every 3 months, or once a quarter.  crazy.

ok, Kel’s put on a movie and i’ve lost all motivation to continue this post so….


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