occupy Fountain Square.

i am daily encouraged and excited to see new signs of life in my little pocket of the city.  like sprouts of green popping up through winter snow, little rays of hope keep appearing.  the business next door to the gallery cleaned up their green space and tore down and old fence.  the studio next door got crisp new windows.  the coffee shop had a concert last night that filled the streets with cars.  another business was recently painted and now there’s a bench outside the gallery for those waiting at the bus stop.

these may seem insignificant, but they are signs of life returning to the area.  they are signs that brokenness can heal.

so, while the world protests the corruption of large corporations, i am “occupying Fountain Square” by welcoming visitors into my humble gallery, opening up my windows and letting a ray of light shine into the darkness.  it seems small, i’ll admit, but when we all begin to shine, it makes life much brighter.

how can one “occupy” Fountain Square, or any other place of the world, better?  here are just a few of my suggestions:

live life with people.  know your neighbors.  celebrate their victories, mourn their losses.  love them.
support local endeavors.  eat locally, buy locally.
give.  of your time, your money, your “things.”  share.  live generously.
walk the streets.  or ride them.  get out of your bubble (ie. car) and see things freshly, with real eyes.
pray.  for opportunity and refreshing hope.

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