improving on no-bakes.

one of the early traditions Kelley and i established when we lived together was the glory of no-bake cookies.  perhaps the simplest recipe in the cookie kingdom, you just add butter, milk, peanut butter, cocoa, oats…boil on the stove…set out on wax paper to harden.  easy mcsqueezy.

so, as post-lunch found us craving a sweet treat, we decided on no-bakes.  Kel took to the stove and i measured the ingredients, and in all seriousness we began to discuss the mechanics of such cookies, little tricks we’ve learned over the years…bring to a slow, rolling boil; boil consistently for a full minute–any less or more will lead to runny cookies that don’t set up.

the irony began to settle in, that we were “improving on” the simplest cookies known to man.  we were making child’s play into serious art.  we were taking easy-bake-oven to a Julia Child level.

and we began to laugh.  laughed foolishly and ridiculously as our little works of art didn’t set as they should.  laughed as we scooped warm, liquid cookies off the wax paper and hurriedly plopped them in our mouths.


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