a couple weeks ago, i felt led to schedule some time away and with God.  leave it to me to do this further into the city (Chicago) instead of away from it.  fortunately, my dear friend Megan was away from the weekend and said i could have her place all to myself.  so i booked the megabus (uber cheap) and a couple city bus rides later, found myself in a wonderful little cave of a place, in a quiet neighborhood.  just what i needed.

it was a strange 48-hours, as i slept for nearly half of it.  but it was so rewarding to travel alone, navigating bus systems and crowds.  God definitely had me meet a fair share of interesting people–a Philippino man who offered me his adult son in marriage, said I would like the Philippines; an older couple from Mexico who helped me get off the bus when the door was jammed;  a homeless man named Bob who told me life is not worth living without the struggle; a man named “Magic” who asked if i was a minor–a strange, but still worthy compliment on my age.

plus, i got to try out my new pack, which is wonderful and worked so well for travel.


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