partly inspired by this awesome blog, and by conversations with a dear friend where we’ve talked about “snapshots”–little moments where God intervenes and life seems especially full, i’ve decided to try my own hybrid version, sharing these snapshots of my own life.  i will either provide an actual picture with a brief description or a story of an event each day.  i want to do this each day during my 28th year and am excited to chronicle my life is such a unique and interesting way.

that being said, i am technically 23 days in, which should equal 23 “snapshops,” but alas, i have only a few pics to share and then i will go forward from here.

My new backpack, a birthday present!

Enjoying Petite Chou with a new friend.

The girls riding in the truck, on the way to the Drive-in.

Enjoying Horse Feathers at Radio Radio on a cool summer night.

Ray LaMontagne on the lawn...another birthday present!

Hour commute.

Dantes is home!


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