really really (rediculously) free summer.

(or drastically reduced in price)

a couple weeks ago i had one of the most amazing days in a very long time.  after breakfast, the roommates and i rode our bikes to the circle for the 500 parade.  because we were virtually free of “baggage” (no bulky coolers or kids or lawn chairs for us), we were able to scoot right in front, sitting on the street at the feet of the people on the bleachers.  this view was perfect.  it allowed us to experience the parade unhindered and unblocked.

afterward, we rode back, grabbed a snack and a (very) small nap, and were out the door again, on our way to Yelp 500.  Yelp is a great little website for reviewing local venues and events, and they put together a giant party, complete with local beer, crepes, sausages, cake and more. 

we rode bikes and, minus an accident on the way, the event cost me nothing. 

on the way back, we rode over to the Art Museum in hopes that a fav band of ours (Band of Horses) might still be playing a free concert they spontaneously announced just the day before.  sure enough, a small bout of rain showers caused a delay and we had missed nothing.  the result: an amazingly free concert experience.

the totaly cost for the day: $4 for a beer at the concert.  even our transportation was fee-less, as we biked all over the city.

this got me to thinking…what if i could experience my entire summer in Indy on virtually nothing.  given my current financial situation this became really appealling, and as i looked more closely at the things going on in this city, i began to think this could be a reality.

so, i will continue sharing my challenge here, my successes and failures, and all the fun adventures i have on next to nothing.  i will categorize them under “free Indy”.   i will also announce things i find via my twitter (@christiealison) and begin the text with “FREE INDY”. 

so, what’s on the agenda for this weekend?  Handicraft Exchange and Independant Music Festival at Harrison Arts Center tomorrow and Talbot St. Art Fair on Sunday.  completely free (as long as i don’t buy anything) and accessible on bike.  beautiful.


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