chores can wait.

as i write this, a pile of clean laundry is screaming to be folded, the upstairs bathroom and lounge need to be cleaned (my house chores), and groceries need to be purchased.

but the sun is shining and the wind is blowing a sweet fresh air through the open back door, so i’m taking a minute to write and do some reading.

i’ve been consumed, lately, with the study of ayurveda.  it started a little over a month ago when someone at our ladies’ retreat mentioned the word “doscha.”  she explained, in very simple terms, that it was the way our body was created, and that the foods we eat can get along with that doscha or be at war with it.

i was intrigued, as i usually am with anything that will tell me even just the littlest bit about myself (anyone who was around when i discovered the enneagram last year can attest to this).  so i ravaged the internet, taking test after test to figure out my doscha (most are crap, btw), and landed graciously in the gentle arms of Dr. Robert Svoboda (author of Prakruti: Your Ayurvedic Costitution).  i hope you know i mean that figuratively and not literally….

my search for more information about doschas took me straight into the world of Ayurveda, an ancient, eastern practice for healthy, intentional living.  i am no expert, that is for sure, but i am beginning to see the world through a new lens.

a few things i’ve really fallen in love with:

Svoboda recommends beginning and ending everyday with a bit of meditation and deep breathing.  i’ve gotten up in the mornings and begun to incorporate this into my routine.  not perfectly.  not even for a long time (try 2 min., max.).  but just the centered breathing, and prayers i offer up have certainly made for a much better morning.   this quiet stillness with the Father is something we see repeatedly in the life of Jesus so there has to be something to it….

one of the chapters talks specifically about the need for routine.  he lays out an entire routine for the morning, including rising at a consistent time each day, washing all the sense organs–face, hands, eyes, ears, and nose, doing a bit of yoga and then meditation.  from one who used to push the clock to go for a 30-40 minute run, take a hurried shower, choke down some food, then rush out the door, this is quite a change of pace.  but i love it.  the slowness of it allows me to wake up fully and acknowledge the day ahead, to listen to rhythms of my body and prepare to take on the day.  it is much more peaceful.

my “doscha”
this has been my favorite, by far.  as i said before, i took many a tests online to figure out what mine would be…only to come up with many different answers.  i began reading this book with the understanding that i was one, only to realize that i was actually pretty evenly split between two: vata and kapha, or VK.  vata corresponds with air qualities, and kapha with the earth…sounds pretty contradicting, huh?  makes sense, if you know me.  anyway, my body composition is mostly kapha–i’m sluggish, love to sleep (surprise, surprise) and have a hard time losing weight.  my mind and spirit are often vata, however, racing from one thing to the next, actively pushing forward.

i am just on the very edge of learning what to do with all this new information, but i am, for once, being patient with myself.   change is slow and takes time.  after all, if the body is, as scriptures say, a temple, perhaps we shouldn’t beat it up as much as we do…



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