kitchen duty

have you ever felt really honored to be living the life you have?

it’s like, you just look around, and the sounds of loved ones and the smells of good food cooking overwhelm you, and you just feel really grateful?

i had that moment tonight.  for the first time in months, i shut my door after lunch and read and napped until the evening.  i woke up with more than just renewed energy, but a renewed spirit as well.  spent the evening eating writing a letter to a far away friend, eating amazing Asian food, compliments of roommate Teddy, texting with my cousin as we both chewed on issues of faith and laughed histerically at performances during the Grammy’s (or Crammy’s, as Teddy called it).

even now, after having spent the last hour and a half cleaning the kitchen (hey, it’s tough to clean a house with 6 people in it), i feel so blessed.  i watched Felicity and thought about God and faith and the whole big beautiful mess of it all, and knew i was fortunate to call this my life.

community is hard and relationships confusing….but days like today remind me that it’s definitely worth it.


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