grown-up snow days

i haven’t had a snow day since, well, at least 10 years ago (ditching class in college when it snowed didn’t actually count).  so it’s an understatement to say that it’s been a bit weird having now three in a row.

so, what does a grown-up do on a “snow day?”  that is the question i’ve wrestled with for two, going on three, days now.  i brought work home with me, but couldn’t open it with other projects nagging at me.  and then i felt guilty for not working, but also stressed that i was home and not doing other things….

so, yesterday morning, i decided to have a grace day, where i didn’t do anything i didn’t feel like doing.   Kelley and i made breakfast together.  we invited our extended housemates and enjoyed a great feast of waffles and eggs and sausage.  then i curled up with The Count of Monte Cristo until i felt drowsy enough for a good afternoon nap.

Kel and i headed out just as the hail was beginning to fall.  we both needed fresh air and wanted to check out the damage.  we were amazed at the solid 1/2 inch of ice encapsulating everything.  check out her pics here. we ended up at Joe’s Bicycle Shop on Virginia, where we popped in to say hello and warm up for a minute.  Joe served us some espresso and showed us pics of a tree house he built in Bloomington.  it was a beautiful encouragement to have adventures and stay young at heart.

we got back and had a wonderful dinner prepared by our housemate, T, in which we ate Asian style, sitting around the coffee table in the living room.  this was promptly followed by homemade cookies and hours of working on a quilt while watching episodes of Felicity.

this morning i woke up with a little less grace, especially for Kel’s boss, who insisted she come in to work.  at a specialty deli.  where they served maybe eight people.  yes, i risked my life for that.  even our housemate, who is a doctor, did not have to go to work, but she did…see, i still carry bitterness.  ha!

after a shower and more sleep, i settled into sewing the pieces of the quilt i’d cut yesterday, and watching more Felicity.  as the afternoon wore on, i began to notice a sense of anxiety and couldn’t put my finger on it.  i finished sewing just in time to babysit at the Conrad Hotel downtown.  i got hooked up with this family when they were in town for the Jets game, and it’s been good to spend time with their daughter when they’re in town.  we watched crafts and ate room service and watched movies.

in the midst of all this, the weather did…nothing.  well, it froze.  and it snowed a bit.  but seriously, the way the news prepared us for it, you would picture us under several feet of snow, huddling in our cold, unelectified houses, waiting for sweet release.  but here i sit, warm, writing on my computer, belly full, about to go to bed.  this storm seriously under-delivered.

and yet, class has been cancelled again for tomorrow, and offices closed all around me.  the city once again shut down.  the most undramatic snow days i’ve ever experienced…but i won’t complain about sleeping in!

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