are we ever “there yet?”

(i am pressing pause on trip updates for a hot minute)

i had big plans for this morning to start earlier.  big plans to fill this Saturday to a bursting point with running, coffee with a friend and a full work day.

but i just can leave this warm bed.

G & A are out of town for the weekend, so i am on a mini-retreat in their bedroom.  i fell asleep watching Felicity, and slept cozy under a down comforter.  poor sweet Tahoe keeps giving me the puppy-dog face, waiting for me to show him some love.

i could lay here all day.  and something deep down screams yes!  yes please!  stop this manic drive you’re on to do everything, and please let’s just lay here.  and sleep.  and watch movies.  and sleep again.  please…can we just stop?

my inner self is suddenly reduced to no more than a young child on a long road trip.  aren’t we there yet, i whine.  that place you keep projecting yourself toward, that speck on the horizon that means more hours, more money, more blogs written, a better body….

no, i answer stubbornly, and i’m on my way out the door for a run.

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