this better be good.

today has been a day.  and by day, i mean a DAY.  one of those that leave you needing a glass of wine at the end.

started by not getting to the church service i wanted b/c my car does this stupid not starting thing when there are extreme temps.  it will usually start if i let it run for a bit, but it wasn’t having it this morning.  finally got it jumped from a housemate, and was able to make to the second service.  only to sit just two sits behind the ex and his new girlfriend.

on my way home from tutoring, i then hit someone as i was moving into the left turn lane…no real damage, but it definitely added to my already anxious state while driving.

now i’m home, with packing to do and a strong desire not to.  i really just want to cry.

this day only adds to my desire not to go on this trip.  i must clarify: i am not saying i don’t think i should go, but only that i don’t want to.

knowing what little i know about spiritual warfare and such, Satan wants to keep us from moving toward the things God has for us.  this certainly feels like his doing…

i have a feeling big things are gonna happen, despite my own personal issues.  in that vein, if you pray, please do so strongly.  pray for our safety, as well as opportunities to see God, experience Him, feel Him and taste Him.  pray for our group, as we navigate relational stuff as well as being one man down.  and please pray for each one of us, individually…may God move in big ways.

the group in Chicago, Dec. 2010:
Tony, Missy, JR, Bryan, me, Ashley, BJ, and Nolan

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