Maverick’s out/and then there were 7

i just received an email that a member of our class has decided to leave.  i have flashes of that scene in Top Gun, after Goose dies and Maverick leaves the flight school, where somber music is playing and the air is heavy and Ice (Val Kilmer) picks up the phone.

“Maverick’s out,” he says.  short and simple, but carrying a lot of weight.

i am fighting tears, even as i write this.  our group is only 8, and we have been journeying knee deep through some pretty intense and vulnerable places in life.  we have been doing that together, with the expectation of doing it together until the end (May).  it feels, in a sense, like a break-up.  where you have all these expectations of what, at least some of, the path ahead will look like.

of course, it’s not a break-up, and i don’t fault this person.  it is also important to acknowledge that journeys change and people in our lives should be allowed to walk the paths they feel called to.

still, Maverick’s out.  and my heart is hurting.  the journey will,  from here on out, be different.

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