sacred spaces.

this morning, Larry sent us the itinerary for LA/Tijuana.  we will be heading there in two weeks as a class to explore and serve Jesus in new ways.  our flight plans include a layover in Phoenix.

this is a flight i’ve made many times in the last several years, to visit my mom and such.  and Phoenix was my home for a very brief, but very intense, time.  i love this journey, but it always brings up some rather deep emotions.  still, it is mine, and sacred.  i don’t mind traveling it alone.  in fact, i prefer it.  i like the isolation, the time to sit back against the wall and people watch, to search the mountain ridges beyond the Phoenix airport for Superstition mountain.  to be reminded in very tangible ways how God has brought me through.  i feel a certain humility and accomplishment in going there alone.

to read that others will be traveling through these sacred places with me puts me on edge a bit.  like a sullen child, i cross my arms across my chest and inwardly fight it.  i don’t want others trampling through my sacred spaces, not giving it the respect it deserves.  leaving their dusty footprints.

which points, i think, to the heart of journeying with others.  the choice to allow or not allow them into the sacred spaces within me.  do i dare try it, see what new perspective it can bring?  do i allow myself to see this sacred space through their lens?  or do i instead choose isolation again?  the choice will make all the difference…


One thought on “sacred spaces.

  1. whoa. powerful point there, my friend. and well-timed, after a good conversation with one of my students tonight. something i’d not thought about in that way before…
    thanks for this. i hope the L.A/Tijuana experience is tremendous for you.
    love you, lady.

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