’tis the Season.

i wrecked my car this morning.
on the interstate.

i was driving home from church, slid on the slippery roads, lost control and did a 180 across three lanes of oncoming traffic into a cement guard wall.  i sat there for a bit, stunned, watching traffic come toward me.  finally, the police officer on the phone asked me if the car was able to run, and i realized it was.  another officer stopped traffic and allowed me to pull over to the other side.  once insurance gave the ok that i didn’t need a police report, i was back on my way home.

of course, i was no longer cheerfully singing Christmas songs, but shaking uncontrollably and sobbing, black mascara running down my face.

all things considered, i was fortunate.  i wasn’t physically injured.  i crossed three lanes of busy interstate traffic, traveling sideways (which means someone could have easily t-boned me) and rear-ended the concrete wall (which means my engine was protected).  the wheels were all in tact and i could drive away.

i was also able to come home to a warm house full of loving people who let me cry, gave me a shot of whiskey to calm my nerves, and fed me lunch.  within an hour or so, i was on my way downtown to do some light Christmas shopping with my roommate, somehow managing to laugh a little.

little did i know (i heard this story when i got home), that the housemate who drove us downtown–Teddy–was going through his own story just blocks away.

after he dropped us off, a woman flagged him down for help.  he stopped to see if she was ok, and without warning she jumped in the car.  surprised and not wanting to stay in busy traffic, he drove forward a bit, the conversation eratic and confusing, as this woman asked him to take her home.  to Texas.  as he recalled the story, he noted that she was definitely tripping on something.

a couple blocks later, he stopped and told her he could either drive her somewhere close or she had to get out.  she put up a bit of resistance, so Teddy dialed 9-1-1.  as the dispatcher answer, she began to exit the car, but grabbed the contents of the glove compartment as she did so.  Teddy, not wanting to lose any important documents, followed her and tried to grab what he could from her.

as they wrestled over one piece, she pulled her arm back and punched him in the face.  with blood dripping, he made his way to the closest restaurant and called for police.

he still sits, nearly 4 hours later, with toilet paper in his nose.

i’m not sure what’s with today.  i only know i had a great morning before this all happened.  loved church (ironically enough, the advent candle for today was Joy).  saw and hugged lots of friends.  was singing N*SYNC’s Merry Christmas in the car.  the snow was falling beautifully and i was excited it was less than two weeks to Christmas.

hallelujah.  holy shit.  where’s the tylenol?


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