thoughts on the Trinity.

i think one of the most beautiful things about the Trinity, this God-in-three-persons thing, is how all-encompassing it is.  God, the Father, is above, looking ahead for dangers and either steering us clear or preparing us.  watching our back should the enemy sneak up.  Jesus, our never-ending companion and brother, walks beside us, with us, carrying our burdens, our bodies, holding our hands, speaking encouragement and love to us.  and the Spirit, that dwells within us, takes care of the unseen, tends to the wounds of our heart, speaks for us when words cannot be found.

this is such a comforting perspective to me, to feel so surrounded, knowing that all three are on my side.  i’m not alone.  but also, i need not worry about taking the wrong path or straying too far from the way.  with these three walking with me, all steps will be directed and redeemed for good.

“come,” He whispers gently, in the form of Jesus.  “come and walk with us.  our burden is light.  we will never put more on you than you can handle, will never leave you, even to yourself.  we will nurse you back to health, pick you up and carry you when you grow weary.  just come.  come and let us walk this journey with you.”  the love in His eyes tells me he’s not lying, and i take that first step.

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