no-car Wednesdays…

the sunset caused an orangish glow to be reflected on the fallen leaves as i walked the mile or so to the library.  it was surreal, like the scenes of Vanilla Sky, and had a bit of a melancholy effect.  coupled with the Ray LaMontagne i had playing on my iPod, it was like i was in a scene in a movie, watching all the players moving by, my neighbors in the midst of their lives.  smiling and laughing.  holding babies.  strapping on roller blades.  smoking cigarettes during front-porch conversation.

no-car Wednesdays began happening unintentionally.   i simply desired, when Training School started, to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine.  so i would bike to class (Wednesdays just seemed to be the easiest, since i don’t go to work after class).  then i would walk to the library or the local coffee shop.  and before i knew it, i hadn’t driven my car all day.

so, the aim was more exercise.  but there were also a lot of unintended outcomes.  like the opportunity for community, as a friend would occasionally join me on the ride to class, and we would have great conversation.  or the opportunity to experience my neighborhood in a slower, more intentional way.  to say hello to my neighbors, to see life from their perspective.

no-car Wednesdays offers the incredible gift of reminding me of my humanity.  of my relationship to the earth, to the people around me.  i am vulnerable biking to class, and i am often exhausted.   it gives me a glimpse into the lives of those who rely on public transportation, their bikes or their own feet.  instead of taking it for granted, i learn to appreciate the seemingly simple option to just drive somewhere.


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