body ministry

after lecturing about the sermon on the mount, Larry (our leader) had to leave class to attend a dr’s appointment with his wife.  he left us with 6 yellow sheets of his scribblings, no instructions and a little over an hour left of class.

one of the ladies in the class picked up one page and read:

made for:

not just know Truth, but become Truth

at first, i wanted to laugh, not knowing exactly what to do with that.  but then one of the guys suggested we go around the room and tell each person what characteristics, from that list or elsewhere, that we see in them.

what proceeded was an amazingly refreshing time of sharing the things we’ve been able to observe in one another on this journey so far.  one person was “it” at a time, and we each shared the beauty we saw in them, before moving on to the next person.  it was healing, in many ways, and encouraging, to know that others see what we often cannot.

sometimes it’s necessary to stop on the journey and not only let the body rest, but to minister to it, with love and tenderness.  and it’s equally important to allow yourself be loved on.


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