this story starts with a call from my roommate, Kelley, about 11:30 this morning.  she had taken the car to run errands.


“yes dear.”

“i just came out of the Keystone mall and your car has a flat tire.”  ironically, i’ve never had this happen as long as i’ve owned the car.  i wish her luck in finding someone to help change the tire, welcome her to the land of car ownership and tell her to keep me updated.  she calls back shortly to let me know a security guard called someone, and that someone changed the tire, and that she was at last on her way.

i was supposed to leave for work about noon, but she wasn’t home yet and since the tire would need at least a good patching, i called to let them know i wouldn’t be in today.  instead, i took the car to the tire place in Castleton.  the sales guy informed me that the tire was irreparable, but was under warranty so he would gladly replace it for free.  i need only pay for the warranty on the new tire ($9.34, thank you very much) and i could be on my way.

i left with a great sense of blessing.  i got on the interstate, and noticed almost immediately that something was wrong.  i assumed it was the wheel bearing that needs replaced, but it got increasingly worse until i had no other choice but to put on the flashers and pull over on the side of the interstate.  i know better than this, i kept thinking.  this is how people die.  but it didn’t matter; the car would not budge another inch.  i got out quickly and raced to the other side of the car.  there, the shining new (FREE!) tire was completely flat, smoking a bit from being run, quite literally, to the ground.

i couldn’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of the situation as i called the tire place.  the guy on the phone sounded horrified and put me on hold.  meanwhile, Hoosier Helper pulled up and the nice gentleman, Roy, offered to change it for me.  then he gave me their number should i need help in the future.

i headed back to the tire place where they were more than apologetic and offered to replace the wheel, which had been bent somewhere along the lines, for free.  i left, after nearly 2 1/2 hours of dealing with, what was originally, a tire with a simple nail stuck in it.  but all throughout, i was continually reminded of God’s provision: i got a new tire for free when i was in need of one, i didn’t get hurt on the interstate and Roy was there within minutes to help, i had the afternoon free to deal with the unexpected issues so i wasn’t frustrated or pissed at these people.  i was able to smile and treat them with respect.

let me just say, if you have a daughter, you can only hope that such men will be around in your absence to help her out.  generally, i am intimidated by car situations (ok, i’ve been known to freak out occasionally), but this time around, i was not wanting for a good man to help me out.  so thank you to God for the provision, as well as to the random security guard, Roy the Hoosier Helper, and all the good guys at Discount tire.  you have helped make this a funny story, as opposed to another situation where i feel helpless and alone.

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