step by step.

one of my dearest authors and artists, SARK, once wrote that you should always strive to have a post-relationship kind of debriefing with your exes.  she described a talk her and an ex-boyfriend had, how healing it was, the closure that it brought.  i thought she was crazy.

Kyle and i met last night to discuss some things i’d been processing, mostly my realization that we were better off not being in a romantic relationship.  we both shared how hard but necessary that was to admit, but also that we still wanted to be friends.  i was able to affirm and encourage him in what a loving and supportive friend he was to me, and he shared that he thought i was so encouraging and pushed him to follow hard after God.  we talked about how fun it was to be together and other things that only the two of us could understand and appreciate.  it was healing.  i rode my bike home so encouraged, realizing how true SARK’s words were.

the house is really coming along.  Kelley moved in Monday night, and she spent the majority of yesterday arranging our room.  Graham built us a loft and the room now strangely resembles a college dorm.  we all brought out our public art and began to discuss how we wanted to decorate.  then i caught a spider and ran upstairs to check with Angela if it was poisonous.  Kari came down to make some toast and we chatted about various pieces of life.  finally, i showered and was in bed, but not before midnight. 

life in community is so rich and full that time doesn’t seem like such an issue.  i am exhausted, for sure, but not weary.  this is a much different place to be in.  with my brothers and sisters around me, to help carry life, i actually feel lighter.

step by step we grow and change and allow relationships to do so as well.  step by step a house becomes a home, and strangers become family.  step by step the process happens….


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