there is always enough

this phrase gets said around our house a lot.

there is never enough; there is always enough.

this is an interesting duality to consider.  most of my life has been spent in the land of there-is-always-too-much.  too much food (we would throw it out in stores as it rotted from now being eaten), too much space, too many cars (all 4 adults in my family had one)…we rarely understood what it meant to need.

both Jesus and the early church painted a wonderful picture of how the body of Christ should begin to level the playing field, so to speak.  in the book of Acts, it says that church members would sell their property and homes so that no one was in need.  it has been amazing to watch this happening in my own life.

a good friend recently came across a family in a place of need.  so, i emailed all my friends and family and asked if they’d want to help get their four children ready to start school.  the response was overwhelming.  one couple sponsored one of the children, even providing a journal for her with a sweet note.  others gave money and supplies and a backpack, all showing what can happen when we believe that there truly is always enough.

the supplies and bags for three of the four children. it was like Christmas!

i wrote notes for each child; this was for the 1st grader.

One thought on “there is always enough

  1. So greatful for people like you all seeing beyond themselves without judgement just love….knowing a need and meeting it.. God blesses those who give willinglyenen happily…

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