scenes from the Fletcher House

1156 Fletcher is slowly, but surely, swelling with life.  this past weekend Kari and i moved in, joining Graham and Angela.  we eagerly await Kelley a week from Monday.

last night, we were all in town, so we had our first housemate dinner.  two “honorary housemates” were also able to join.  around the dining room table sat 7 people, delighting in homemade pizzas and blueberry crumble and French kirs.  then we took a trip to Shepherd Community Center to admire a garden Angela’s been working on with the kiddos there, and back to have our first house meeting of sorts.

this morning we were up early to share breakfast together and laugh over youtube videos.  life is truly rich here, in the blessed Fletcher House.  below are just a few of the scenes i’ve come to adore.

fresh produce decorates the island counter top

the breakfast nook

life abounds

my favorite--the porch swing

and last, but not least….



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