this weekend i moved to Fountain Square, a diverse patch of neighborhoods and schools and really cool old buildings.  our house is just diverse as the neighborhood surrounding it.  it is a huge old place with lots of character, and lots of rooms that weren’t quite sure if this is where they wanted to be.  the stairwell blocks out the only window in the living room.  one of my windows is lower than the other despite them being ten feet apart and on the same wall.  a door beneath the stairwell in the living room opens to the basement.  and i love every inch.

i decided to take a bike ride this evening, to begin to feel out the area and where things could be found.  it was lovely.  the clouds were storm like but betrayed the beautiful sunset beyond.  i’ve never seen the city from this angle, and it was vaguely reminiscent of my time in Oakland.  i ended up following two young boys, one trailing on the other’s bike, with swords made from cardboard in their hands.  unaware of anyone around them, they laughed as they made a narrow escape in one of their adventures.   i smiled as i passed, genuinely amused, while one yelled out, “hey beauty!”

i think i’m going to enjoy this place in my life….


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