all moved in…

boxes are strewn about the house.  sheets are taped to the windows for curtains.  my bed is finally made, tho it sits haphazardly among the mess.  i am just about spent.

but i am all moved in.  the house has been relatively quiet since my arrival, which has been the peaceful i need to begin this adjustment process.

everything is different here.  as it should be, but still.  i don’t know this neighborhood, so i didn’t know the best place to get slushies when we were all overheated and needed replenishment.  i don’t even know where my razors are, or where i should hang my towel after showering.  i know this is all part of making a place “home,” but i have no patience with process.  especially after an exhausting endeavor like moving.  i want what’s comfortable, and i want it now, thank you very much.

i will not be alone in this room and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of Kelley, so we can not only stay up late having great conversations, but can also begin to arrange this space into some semblance of order.  one thing i can say for sure….this bed is too big!  i love my bed…it’s a glorious, queen-sized beauty, but man!  does it take up space!  i will be quickly replacing it with a twin.

on a different note, training school will not be starting for a couple more weeks, which is really just as a well as one more change may just do me in.  as it stands, i will have time to settle in and unpack a bit before beginning that journey.

i am learning through this promise to trust the Father’s constant love and the peace that comes with His presence.  praying for it in large doses as i move through this series of unknowns.


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