lessons in hope

“The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. The most you can do is live inside that hope, running down its hallways, touching the walls on both sides.”

my morning began in a cozy chair on the Starbucks patio, with a dear friend from a former life.  the day, in it’s newness, felt full of possibility.  i had no idea what to anticipate by way of conversation with this friend; we haven’t met in nearly 5 months.  it was just what i needed, of course, and revealing of the true nature of good friendship:  you can still speak into each other’s life, no matter what roads you’re currently traveling.

she was sharing with me her journey to becoming a manager within her company.  she recognized her desire to be in management, tho it was never something she would have anticipated pursuing so immediately or within that industry.  still, she knew her first step was to find the person who had the position that most resembled what she wanted and find out, from their perspective, what she would need to do to get there.

that set the ball rolling, and she was able to comment on the extreme importance of mentorship; both being the recipient and provider.  she shared the different people who’ve stepped in, observed her giftings and desires to move up, and really helped to develop the business side of herself.  she also expressed the importance of being a mentor, on your own, sharing your wisdom, experience, insight with someone else who desires to learn.

this set up a sort of conviction in me, directly confronting my intention to use my giftings as a way to gain a “profit.”  i began to rethink how i do freelance, how i approach my clients.  i will definitely be changing my approach, but how that will look is still in process.

it also got me thinking about pursuing a mentor.  i’ve been in a sort of cloud regarding my giftings, allowing anything and everything to pull my passions in all kinds of conflicting decisions.  but the one really beginning to surface is my desire/passion/gift for writing.  i have an idea for a book, but in order to submit that, i must have published something.  anything.  anywhere.  but still, i haven’t done that, so it seems like a good starting place.

knowing that, only a couple possible mentors come to mind.  i tend to move forward in the excitement of something bu this, too, is still in process, so i think i will give it time to settle before moving forward.

it is exciting to dwell in the potential of something.  especially something so close to the core of who i am.  as the quote above states, i am narrowing down what i most hope for and enjoying running along those corridors.


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