in transition…

i am moving this weekend.  the 12th time in the last 6 years.  that’s an average of once every 6 months.  yes, i am exhausted by this.  fortunately, i’ve become quite a pro at sorting, purging, packing and carrying.  when you move as much as i do (and sometimes as many miles…hello short stint in Arizona), you quickly learn to keep only what is most valuable. 

i am moving into a form of intentional community (we’re hesitating to define it so that it can organically define itself), where we live more like a family than just normal “roommates.”  there is one married couple, and three single ladies, including my dear friend Kelley and myself.  i am a encouraged as well as intimidated by this opportunity, but was blessed by a call from one of my future housemates yesterday, just telling me she was thinking about me and couldn’t wait to have me in the house.

training school is also set to begin next week, i think…i still haven’t heard specific details from the leader.  i have to remind myself that this is what i love most about his personality–his free spirit.  but still….with everything so up in the air, and change flowing in abundance, i’d like to know that just one thing is solid.

this has been a tough week, and it is still yet to be revealed why.  even harder than last week, when i was fasting.  i sense God is doing a deep work in me, and these feelings are just a result of deep, dark soil being exposed to the light.

on a different note, i made a delicious chili last night.  i don’t profess to be any kind of a great chef, but every now and then i can pull off a great chili.  and it’s so simple!  i used ground Elk (thank you Dan), but you can use any red meat.  i recommend grass-fed…

1 1/2 lbs ground meat (beef, venison, Elk…whatev)
diced onion
clove fresh garlic, diced
2 cans organic hot chili beans
1-2 jars diced tomatoes (i prefer Local Folks Foods)
chili seasoning, to taste

brown meat with diced onion, garlic, and chili seasoning.  throw all ingredients in a crock pot.  stir and let simmer for about an hour.

bon apetit!

see, simple!  and so healthy!  i just read that garlic is a great natural anti-inflammatory, plus it brings such flavor.


2 thoughts on “in transition…

  1. i know exactly how exhausting it can be to move so much. Seven moves in two years will deplete your closet and your soul. Fortunately, it means I’m much less attached to things now though.

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