eating cheetohs for breakfast

the fast ended yesterday evening, with a wonderful dinner of Elk burgers (compliments of a co-worker’s recent hunting trip), sauteed summer squash and wonderful conversation with Kyle.  i was completely exhausted, and hungry of course, a deep joy settled in as i recalled the intimacy of my time with God, apart from food.

this weekend brings good things.  tomorrow is my roommate and i’s final gathering of friends, a French dinner i’ve titled “Vive Paris!”  i had no idea, when i planned it, that it would be just three days after Bastille Day–French Independence–where they stormed the Bastille yelling “Vive La France!”  i feel very cultural.  and very French.  neither is very true, but it comforts me.

i woke this morning realizing how close i am to moving…next weekend!  then our first meeting for training school the following Monday.  then Kyle and i will be heading to Chicago for a wedding/much-needed weekend away, and July is over!

speaking of Training School, i will be printing support letters tonight, asking for support in three forms: prayer, finances, and encouragement.  on the whole, i’m not too stressed about the money; God keeps prompting me to just be honest with Him and let it go.  but i will need an overwhelming amount to not only pay for the school, but to just LIVE.  training school will take about 20 hours of my time a week, so i will be reducing my work hours, and therefore reducing my income.

if you are able/feel prompted to support me financially, please make checks to Christie McNabb and mail to:

1156 Fletcher Ave
Indianapolis, IN  46203

all donations go personally to me and are not tax-deductible.  i will continue to share how God provides.


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