when she moves like she runs

finally got up the courage to ride my bike to church.  i’ve been dreaming of this for nearly a year.  that was a standard when living in Anderson, but we lived much closer.  this required planning and mapping out a route, and leaving enough time to freshen up in the bathroom.

it was wonderful.

i just recently converted my mountain bike to a road bike (simply changed the tires), and it made the ride so smooth and quick.  only about a 1/2 hour each way.  riding with the mountain bike tires was like swinging with two bats but this…this was everything i always thought bike riding should be, as i raced past the scenery, wind whipping swiftly through my hair.

one thing i love about biking, as opposed to driving, is the chance to take in the scenery.  the light streaming through the threes, the carefully plotted flower gardens of houses along the way.  the little painted turtle i got to save from extinction.

"Red" safely back in the grass.

then, i sat down in my chair before church and enjoyed a fresh, ripe plum from a bag Kyle brought me yesterday, full of ripe peaches and plums.  did i mention he’s pretty wonderful?

it reads "for my sweet peach!" -Kyle

now i am enjoying Kelley’s soundtrack from a couple years back, eating an almond butter and honey sandwich, and planning all the glorious things this day will bring.

what a difference a ride makes….


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