a little bit of heaven

grandma Leila and i begin our life-writing project last night.  she came to Indy to visit a friend in the hospital, so i agreed to meet her and drive her the hour and a half back to Rossville.  since we didn’t meet until after 7 pm, i decided to just pick up some things from my apartment and spend the night at my aunt and uncle’s.

grandma was a trooper.  after dinner at Cracker Barrel, we got on the road.  i put a hand-held recorder in her hands and began prompting her, listening with delightful intent as she began unrolling the stories of her childhood, college, how she met my grandfather.  my heart felt so full!

it was an exhausting evening for us both tho–her as she struggled to remember details from 50+ years back, and me as i’d worked all day and driven so long–that the house, in it’s peaceful quiet and orange glow from a light or two, seemed perfect.

this morning, my aunt woke us–my four cousins, grandma, uncle and myself–up for breakfast, which we ate in the beauty of the beginning of the day on the porch.  it was such a lovely time, to just sit for a moment and be, as we each geared up for a day of activity.  then the cousins began cleaning up the mess, talking and singing as they did so.  it seemed like what Heaven should look like: a family bustling about, preparing for the day, loving on one another.

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