dia seis

rode my bike for almost an hour today, in the beautiful newness of morning.  and thinking about riding it to church in tomorrow.  i’m very serious about this exercise thing.

day 6 has started with little to no fanfare otherwise.  last night, i came home starving to my roommate and her friend melting down chocolate to dip strawberries.  i wanted some, but didn’t crave it.  this is very good.  i ate my leftover taco salad and was quite content.  one thing i’ve come to appreciate, both for it’s cheapness and health content is black beans.  they really go a long way!  below is my recipe for a great (and sugar free!) taco salad.

fresh salsa (basically…tomatoes, onions, cilantro)
organic blue corn tortilla chips
organic lettuce (i prefer the darker kinds to iceberg)
organic, grass-fed ground beef or, my fav, bison
1 can of organic black beans
other fav veggies you eat raw (peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, etc)
chili powder

brown the meat, adding cumin and/or chili powder as desired.
chop lettuce and any other veggies you’d like to add.
crush chips and use as base, then build toppings from there.  top with salsa and guacamole.
stir and enjoy!

this is great for summertime, is relatively chip and contains many fresh, raw ingredients.  it’s very filling so a little bit goes a long way!


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