day 5 on detox

the other day, as i was getting adjusted at the chiropractor’s, he noted that there was inflammation in some muscles along my spine.  which i have also noted were tender to the touch, but didn’t know why.  he asked if i’d been working out (i haven’t) and then explained that it seemed my muscles were holding on to some toxins; sweating from working out would help to release them.

so exercising = detox.  good to know.  running gets moved up the priority list.

other than that, i’m doing well moving through a world without sugar.  i even turned down nutter-butters (a childhood fav) and juneberry pie after dinner last night.  this round of detox is definitely much easier than the last time; cravings are already dissipating.

on another note, my grandma just agreed to let me write the story of her life!  i pitched the idea to hear a couple weeks ago, after coming back from my uncle’s funeral.   while at the funeral, i got to meet a classmate of my grandma and great aunt’s.  my grandma introduced her as “the one who remembers what my mom looked like” and always says that my grandma looks just like her mom. 

anyone who knows me and my mom knows i look just like her; i can’t go to Wal-Mart in my hometown without someone recognizing me based on these merits.  so the fact that there is only one person who remembers this made me sad.  i realized that there is so much about my grandmother i don’t know.  may never know if i don’t collect the stories.

so that’s what i will be doing.  she only has a couple weeks before going back to El Salvador, so i will need to get going with some interviews.  after that it will be mostly by correspondence.  i am looking at a long and big project, but i couldn’t be more excited to have this in front of me!


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